One Family Bay

Project name| One Family Bay

Project Location | Xi an, China

Project area |603 ㎡


- One Family Bay


It's used as a holiday home.

"One Family Bay" is derived from the ancient legend of Chuanzi River.

Means living in harmony with the heaven and earth


Project overview

The project is located on the banks of the Chuanzi River in Yijun County, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province.The village is very small, the river is slender, and the mountains appear to be very tall. The layers of terraces are integrated into the mountains.


Site understanding

The following two points were obtained through on-site surveys and related data studies:

① The natural environment with extremely regional culture.

② Rich vacation user needs

Based on the study of the concept of "sharing" and the relationship between nature and people, we realized that we can't understand it as just sharing the area of the homestay space.The purpose of people who come here for a holiday is to communicate with nature. Therefore, the concept of sharing was sublimated into the “be a family with nature”. Using local legends as an introduction, the concept of "one family bay"was proposed.


How to get people out of the limits of the area and be with nature?


1 Shared

Expand the diversity of shared spaces and increase the possibility of human interaction with nature.

2 Interactive

Strengthen the affinity of space for people, fit the regional characteristics, and trace the origins of culture and history.

3 Symbiosis

Keep the traces in the kiln as far as possible while ensuring the functionality.


Legend of "one family bay"

According to legend, long time ago

This family once called it "the first family in the world"It means how many families can there be in the world who living in the mountains with beautiful mountains and rivers,and have a growing family?After the family left, due to the age, wind and rain, the plaque on the "the first family in the world" hung on the gatehouse was only faintly visible “first family”.The people who lived here later gave the village a beautiful name——"one family bay".

"one family bay" meaning a family harbor.

“A family” means a member of a family.

“Harbour” means waters where ships are sheltered from wind, waves, and currents, and can be safely moored, or cargo can be loaded and unloaded, and passengers can get on and off.

Therefore, "a family bay" also means a natural haven that people and nature live in harmony.



Under skies are stern and ridges, the true face is to be revealed

the manor did not have too many landscape-like decorations that caught the eye , only saw a wall which Like a terraced fields. and a vertical plaque hanging on the wall,with the word "One Family Bay" on it.

"One Family Bay" is derived from the ancient legend of Chuanzi River, which means "family's harbor" by this name.Looking down the line, there are small holes under the plaque, and sounds of falling water come from the small holes. From the root of the wall, there is a line straight up the wall to a  distance. Something is hanging on the other end of the line,  whit a faint flare, causing people's desire to explore.


Borrowed scenery

The mountains are stacked in the water, and there are reflections of the mountains in the water, every landscape is fascinating.

Go through the front door and follow the path. You will find that behind the wall is a pool that flows to the distance. Looking at the empty water surface, you will find a beautiful landscape painting will slowly unfold with the water waves.Exactly, come to this place, in addition to this beautiful landscape, what is more enjoyable?



Into the harmony of nature, when you come here we are family

The other end of the line from the root of the wall is a bonfire surrounded by gravel. If you say this is a kiosk, but it does n’t have a top, you can look up to the sky. A furnace, a tree, a circle, when you sit down here, you can feel the sunlight and air directly. Although it is under the mountain, you will feel calm inside because of this flat sand and gravel.

Keep going down and you'll see the rest of the room. Although this place is like home furnishings, but everyone ’s home is different, so there should be no kindness.However, the walls here are all mud-like, when your fingertips touch the wood with the marks of time, watching the sunlight on the dining table, you will feel the integration with nature. Everything is so harmonious.



Long trapped in a cage without freedom, I finally return to nature today.

The air seems to be cooler and more comfortable through the last path that seems to be submerged in water. Stepping on the platform and looking to the end, a stream of water rushed out from the stone path protruding from the wall, fell onto a layer of tray-like stone path, and then flowed down into the pool, Splashed spray , Ripples spread out with the sight.


The guest rooms are named after "sky", "land" and "person". Means heaven and earth and peace.


Open the door of the room and enter the cave. A light from the top of the head extends forward along the wall and falls in a circle of light pools, which seems to light it up.

Looking forward, the stone brick wall that retains the original appearance reveals the vicissitudes of vicissitudes. The sense of tension composed of layers of stone fills the entire space.

Going into the pool of light with bare feet is a completely different feeling from the stone wall. The combination of the warmth of the wood and the solidness of the stone has reached a balance. Balance brings inner peace.

"One Family Bay" is a bay with nature, family and friends, and heaven and earth. Sitting on the stairs and looking out of the skylight, this situation, we can not help but to sigh, we can finding inner balance here ,it is really relaxing.


The bathroom space is equipped with a skylight to supplement the lighting during the day.