Project name | MEAFX OFFICE

Project Location | Guangzhou, China 

Project area | 718m²


Design of MEAFX office space

Years are not lived, and the seasons are good.


Discovering the relationship between time and space, and letting the traces left in the past flow into the present space, what kind of chemical reaction will happen, why is it so fascinating?


MEAFX office building is located in Guangzhou Zhifang Liwan District Zhijin Color Porcelain Craft Factory.


This is a building that has survived half a century of wind and frost. It has preserved the overall style of the 1970s to the greatest extent during the design. It has become a retrograde journey in time, carrying countless passers-by, and soaking in Enough history. Facing such a building, only by holding a humble attitude and talking to it, can you amplify the details that time shapes.


"Public" display

All will come together.

The MEAFX office space rejects complex visual decoration. The “public” installation symbolizes MEAFX ’s entrepreneurial spirit with extremely simple geometric modeling art. The components of different lengths are like every employee with distinctive characteristics. They are different from each other, but they can Relying on each other, with a distinct personality, but complementing each other, build a dynamic and unlimited creative team of MEAFX!


"Different" vision

The moment of entry is like walking through time and space.

The exquisite hanging polished LOGO contrasts with the black matte metal texture under the illumination of the spotlight, which is more deep and heavy. At the same time, the simple and regular black main door design is also contrasted with the bright bare brick decoration style of the interior space. It is like a famous postmodernist painting, which makes the space more artistic, and entering this place is more like entering the world of art.


"Jane" Space

It's just hard, Jane is even harder.

MEAFX has professionals in the film and television industry from all over the world. Different cultural backgrounds collide with different creative sparks. In order to reflect the maximum tolerance of various cultures, throw away the flashy and secular decorations in the space design and retain the original style of the building It highlights the minimalist style of bare walls and cement, reduces artificial personalized design, and makes the entire environment more inclusive. With geometrically simple visual elements, it deepens the sense of space penetration and depth, and highlights the vicissitudes of the building itself.


The circular pure white geometric pattern on the visual wall of the front desk has become one of the few design elements in the MEAFX office space. Unity of fun.


"Pure" experience

There are woods in the mountains and branches in the woods.

The simple geometric log furniture is simple and pleasing to the eye, making the office area harmonious and tidy. The regular geometric shapes complement the random log texture. The leisure area, the ellipse shaped card holder made of pure solid wood, also shows a casual and elegant artistic atmosphere. Resting here after work will definitely increase inspiration and double creativity.


"Bundle" decoration

The mountain, piercing Qingtian E is not broken.

The black lines throughout the floor, like the strings of the time, are also unyielding steel fronts. The stairwells of MEAFX do not have traditional handrails and railings, but use vertical black lines, which symbolizes MEAFX ’s courage to move forward and the aggressive cultural concept. .


The building is a time-carrying entity. The time passes by in a hurry. What remains unchanged is the traces left by the years. Taste the MEAFX space. Witness that Shaohua is like water.