Project name |PDD Office

Project Location | Guangzhou, China 

Project area | 82 m²


I prefer to work in a dark environment, only in this way can make me “lose myself”, and then I find myself again!




My ambition is abandon myself to nature, and drink me fill at bamboo forest in the breeze.


The symbolic of bamboo is very important in Chinese traditional culture, which is meaning honest, effort, Modesty, excellence . 

The designer uses a linear array of copper coated iron columns to create a unique artistic conception of bamboo forest. The copper column separates the whole space to different functional areas, and allows they penetrate to each other in the uniform intervals of copper column, as if they interrelated and interconnected with each other in the excess and deficiency. 

Copper column array in the designer's unique arrangement to maintain a special angle, let audience seem to walking in Chinese Gardens. when people moving, the scenery change, a unique experience.

There are echoes of modern design techniques and traditional artistic conception in everywhere , as well as landscape feelings in designer's mind. 


 “ I prefer to work in a dark environment, only in this way can make me “lose myself”, and then I find myself again “,Lauren said in the space of light and shadow. The overall design incorporates many opposing elements: enclosure and openness, order and randomness, fineness and massive. But the light softens their boundaries, allowing the space to emit natural energy and vitality.


Sometimes staring at the darkness is the beginning of finding the world. Walking on the edge of light and darkness, courage is the only pointer.


The fine and slender red copper column and the thick cement floor complement each other, and the original wall hidden behind the wooden bookshelf gives visitors a pleasant surprise.  They under the illumination of FLUA lamps and LED wall washer , which was outlined the impression of bamboo forests and mountains. It look like a mountain , but is not a mountain. It look like a bamboo forest, but is not a bamboo forest. Poetical.


The original ecology, which is deliberately preserved, reflects the Self state of Zen. Design should not only stay at the material level of the surface, but also deeply study the internal relationship between the object and the spirit.


It reflected in tonal collocation and furniture design. 

The tone of the overall scheme is taupe. The black ceiling symbolizing the endless night, the cement wall and ground symbolizing everything in this world, then they form the universe. The weaken of universe just for highlight red copper,which is the only color in space.

The stone what we commonly used on the floor , is supported by iron underframe, forming a combination of tea table with different height. They symbolizing the mountains, a concealed analogy, the echo of universe.

The dark horse hidden in the bamboo forest is waiting for the master's success.