Yao Coffee

Project Name | Yao Coffee

Project Location | Guangzhou, China

Project area | 60 m²


PDD's new work 丨 World is boundless, why do you rush? And listen to wind chanting, dream flying


"" Yao · Coffee "is a special work, it is about dreaming, family, and love. I am not a designer, but a dreamer.-Designer Zheng Xiaoguan


In an unremarkable street corner in the Yuexiu Old District of Guangzhou, you may encounter "Yao · Coffee" unexpectedly. It is a piece of white hidden in the depths of the old street, and a steel signboard is slightly explored. If you are a little careless, you may miss a special cafe and Mario, who will make special coffee for you.

Designer Zheng Xiaoguan said: Moving “Yao · Coffee” from ideal to reality has gone through twists and turns. I understand this as "good things happen." The finely ground coffee is more fragrant; "Yao · Coffee", which has been tempered over time, has more temperature and feelings. In order to maximize the sense of life, he uses the most primitive element: white + pure cement. Regardless of the bare face of the ceiling or the appearance of white paint, they present themselves in the cleanest way, which is incompatible with the surroundings. The evening wind blew, the wind moved, and Shan Shan was lovely.


"Why is Yao?"

Yao, the name of the manager Mario's daughter, is the beauty of stone. The daughter slave Mario's circle of friends are all sunbathing daughters. And Mario ’s mother loves coffee, but always only drink instant coffee. In order for her mother to drink a good cup of coffee, Mario began to study this drink. Gradually, he changed from ignorant Xiaobai to a coffee dream catcher. In Greek, "Kaweh" (coffee) means "power and enthusiasm". Perhaps because of this magic, Mario, who was originally a quiet man, became talkative and even gave everyone coffee. Later, when Mengsheng thought of being a coffee shop, he immediately thought of "Yao". In this way, "Yao · Coffee" came into being.

The word "Yao" embodies the emotions of Mario and the previous and next generations. As Long Yingtai said:

I learned slowly and slowly that the so-called father-daughter-mother-child relationship only meant that your fate with him was to constantly watch his back in this life. You can say, "Child, take your time," but sometimes it may be necessary to "let go" quickly. I know, it's difficult, it's extremely difficult, but if you remember the sweet time of our childhood ...

If time is irreversible, Mario wants to use "Yao · Coffee" to make memories. Designers who are moved by this story will also put their warmth, love and family into the drawing. At first glance, this place is very rough and cold, in fact, the designer uses the light to warm this "cold", hiding the warmth in the light everywhere.


"First sight Yao · Coffee"

(Appearance photo)

If you look at the street corner from outside, you will trancely think that the place surrounded by light and shadow, under the quaint and shady surroundings, can be a flawless beautiful jade! That's right, based on the keyword "Yao", Zheng Xiaoguan uses styling light and shadow to haunt the cafe, just like the craftsman carefully cut beautiful jade on the stone.

(Signboard photo)

The signboard is made of 4mm thick steel plate with dark blue as the background, and Xiao Zhuo writes the word "Yao" in a stroke. At first glance, you may not know what "Yao" is. But it stood stubbornly and arrogantly. The Xiaozhuan inherited from Qin Shihuang's period was dominated by a circle, with a circle starting from a circle, a circle in a circle, and a circle in a circle, making the circle alive and interesting. Space division and balance and symmetry are the unique charm of seal script. Not only that, the designer also carefully processed the font, pulling the stroke outward, like a tongue with satisfied taste buds.

(Photo on the windowsill)

If you visit early in the morning, you will encounter Mario's breakfast. Through the foldable windows that can be opened and closed, you can see that Mario with a round face is busy with a small and delicate workbench. With pure handmade windows, respect pure handmade craftsmen.


"Deep in Yao · Coffee"

(Photo of Light Bridge)

Pushing the door in, the light bridge above is the most eye-catching. Made of blue wood, it starts from the glass door, passes through the meeting room, passes the bathroom, settles in the hall, and finally returns to the original point-the door. The direction of the light bridge is just like the ups and downs of life: as time goes by, the stage of life is constantly advancing, and when this moment comes, the energy of the thin and thick hair spouts. The pouring light is like a burst of energy, symbolizing the light, letting you see the present without losing your way.

(Photo of three glasses)

Further down, the light bridge passes through three pieces of glass, changing from blue to gray, and finally merges into the gray floor. This is also the most important part of "Yao · Coffee"-so that people of different heights can stand comfortably and stand to drink coffee. You can lean on the post with three or two friends and have a good time.


The coffee table and stools blooming in the lower part are also very cute. The coffee table is a hexagon made of black lacquered glass, which is between square and round, revealing a modest and balanced way. The stool was also designed by the designer himself, blending with the gray wall and bringing the natural nature close.

(Ceiling photo)

Looking upwards along this gray, you will be amazed by the exposed stone ceiling of the Da La La-this is what the designer deliberately did to let the stone itself look at a glance. This old building has gone through forty years. The traces of time are intoxicating and the most authentic. The cement ceiling sculpted by time brings the closeness of home, eliminating the sense of distance. The guests seem to be visiting friends' homes, not a trivial transaction.

"Fascinating Yao · Coffee"

(Photos of multifunctional meeting rooms)

Deeper, it is a multi-functional meeting room: when you close the folding door, people can hold meetings, parties, or even alone; when you open the folding door, it is another corner of "Yao · Coffee", where you can stare blankly, empty, and meditate. .

(Photo of toilet)

The designer said: The bathroom is also the pure side of the store, it is very important. So he used pure linear light as the only light source. The washbasin uses a waterproof sunscreen template for construction, retaining its original red and brightness-this is also an unprecedented attempt by designers. These red templates are surrounded by squares, expressing attitudes and patterns in silence.


(Photo of cup)

In the past, he thought that "only love can last long years"; now, he knows that in addition to love, coffee and dreams can reach long years. And the designer has made it simple, refined, coarse, and redesigned, and only "Yao" realized his dream. Perhaps feelings and dreams are the best decorations!

Moisten the pebbles into pearls, and the side is beautiful jade; the palms melt the snow to get pure.

A cup of Chaoyang and a cup of Moonshine

A cup of honor tomorrow and a cup of honor

A cup of love, a cup of love, and family

Good buildings will tell stories by themselves. Like this Japanese poem, Mario's "Yao · Coffee" contains his tenderness and warmth. When the lights fall into the city and pour down, you look around the cold concrete space, and the warmth rises ...

"Mood-To Daughter"

[Japan] Matsumoto Hayao

support me

Understand me

Chose me thank you

Warm smile

Bright singing

Such a small happiness, thank you

Your little body is full of energy

Make me confident

Live better

Always wanted to say thank you for letting me give birth to you

Because of you every sunrise

All made me want to say thanks

I'm so ordinary

But you still picked me

I will always be proud

Because I am the father you picked

Nalan Rongruo: Gambling books dispelled the fragrance of tea, which was only common at the time. The existence of those ordinary lives can most affect people's hearts. Zheng Xiaoguan puts the usual visible things: cement and white into Yao · Coffee, letting people inadvertently approach the affectionate father and daughter. The temperature hidden in the same thing, like the affection of a long stream of water, followed by the tortuous lamp bridge, gently embracing people into the arms.