Huang Zhai

Project name |Huang Zhai

Project Location | Guangzhou, China 

Project area | 128m²


PDD's new work 丨 Incorporate the philosophy of willingness into every ordinary day


"Able to be a luxury.-Zheng Xiaoguan Lauren Cheng"


On September 6, 2018, in the yellow house beside Longhu Mountain Villa in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, the family sat idle and the lights were friendly. In just six months, the originally stiff and crowded dwelling has gone through the process of completely demolishing and returning to rough and redesigning. Until now, this residence has changed from a deserted house to a warm one. A family of three-the host of a Microsoft executive, the freelance hostess, and the child, under the clear lights, they set fire to the dinner.


"Do not worry, come home"

Be willing to be smart and recognise the truth, do not seek wealth and do not hurt the poor. Abandoning the complicated decoration and the annoyance outside, as soon as you enter the door, there is only family in the world.


Pushing the door in, he crashed into Tengyun's mood. It was a huge oil painting of 2000 * 2700, which shows that the master opened the door to see the mountains and seas. There is a blue wall standing on the right hand side, and there is a gap in the close look, which is actually the designer's ingenuity.


It is a boundary that isolates the outside world and connects the warmth-as soon as the returned child and the male host enter the door, they can see the hostess smiling and preparing food. This kind of sweet fragrance yearns for it.


A closer look, the blue wall is not a blue wall, or a hidden shoe cabinet and locker. If necessary, the small card holder on the side can be pulled apart to facilitate shoe changing.


"Distance distance · step into the living room"

Normally, there are three pairs of acquaintances, and the wine companion poetry is another round. Throw away too many technological products, throw away the distance between family members, step into the living room, family blind date.


On the left side of the living room is the sofa area. The white and flawless floor and wall are nestled together, along with the light gray sofa, which becomes the best place for the family to sit and relax. You may be surprised that this living room does not have a so-called TV wall, no dazzling lighting, and advanced technology products. Instead, it is a common object.


Similar to Danish Hygge's philosophy, psychological satisfaction is more important than physical comfort. In fact, the designer wants the family to abandon the current excessive technological products and return to the most authentic appearance of the family. Or talk about mulberry wine and gossip about two or three things; or turn on the projector and enter the secret of the movie.


To the right of the living room is the dining room, which is integrated with the open kitchen. As far as the eye can see, it is extremely clear, open and comfortable. A plank of wood stretched all the way from the ceiling to the wall, and turned under the window sill. In this way, it can not only be used as a leisure deck, but also properly integrated with the kitchen water bar and dining table. This scene is the artistic conception seen from the "mountain flowing water".


At the end of the dining table is a window with black vertical screens. It looks like a screen, but it is also a curtain. As the sun rises and sunsets, the clouds roll in and out, and the eight square wooden frame grilles can move and open and close according to the light at different times. Through the thin grille, the light casts mottled light and shadow indoors, bringing warmth.

Looking around, you may be curious: Why can't this house see the room? Can't find the corridor? In fact, behind this is the amazing ingenuity of the designer.


"Rule of Rules · Hidden in the Room"

It is exactly the same as the Swedish philosophy of life Lagom (appropriately). Discarding the old rules, discarding the conventional design, willow flowers, hiding in the comfort of the room.


Remember the oil painting that I saw at the door? It turned out that it was removable! Just one push to the left, the oil painting becomes the main background of the sitting area of ​​the living room, and a dark blue secret passage emerges. Unlike common ceilings, there is no intermediate lighting here, but a band of light flying from the corner of the wall extends from the corner of the ceiling to the wall. As a result, all rooms are hidden doors.


Determined to carry out the concept of "she" to the end, the designer uses a quiet and far-reaching, fresh and peaceful dark blue to allow the owner to walk into the corridor, and Yan Jingzhi, calm the body and mind, helping to gradually enter the dream.


The deeper room also has blue marks. The traditional bed frame is discarded and replaced with tatami. There is nothing here except for clarity. When you step into it, you will be embraced by a long and comfortable sleep, and be loved by the quiet time.


The designer Zheng Xiaoguan said: I design the house, I do n’t like to emphasize the style, I only care about the temperature of the people living in the house, this house is just the beginning, I think my design is just to help the host to clear up the thoughts and desires, and let the house return In a blank sheet, the traces of daily life and laughter after the host family are the best words in this family, writing a chapter of happiness belonging to their family!




Save a corner of the world and chat about the side branches and flowers.

Happy and contented, not sharing Chichengxia.

In this 128-square-meter family of three, abandon desires and clear common things. Beside Longhu Mountain Villa, in the quiet environment, throw in the ethereal and warm arms. In "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", Li Mubai once said: You clenched your fist and you have nothing in your hand. You let go of your fingers, but you can have the whole world. The family let go of their fingers and gave up a lot, but they had simpler happiness. This is the original intention of the designer!