Wu Zhai

Project name| Wu Zhai

Project Location | Zhaoqing, China

Project area | 138 ㎡ (duplex apartment)




Trees have roots and water has sources; people have ancestors and know sources.


The project is a common duplex apartment located in Sihui City, Guangdong Province. The owner is the most common family of three generations in China. But as a family rooted in this land, the significance of housing is not only the place of residence, but also an important carrier of family memory.


 “Instead of pursuing fame and fortune, we should search for memory with our heart.”——Lauren Cheng


In the ancestral house where the owner lived as a child, there were a group of old wood. The unpolished wooden boards were full of patterns of annual rings, which were uneven. It is difficult for the owner to express his feelings about it completely and clearly, only the impressions of some mixed and fragmented families, they precipitation in the old objects of the ancestral house can not dissipate.


Designers give new life to the old wood with ingenuity, and put them in every corner of the house and insert old memory fragments into it. The picture made of wooden boards on the background wall of the living room is like a window connecting space-time. The tee table made with the mortise and tenon technology is in the living room, where the old memories and the modern time in dialogue. The old tree roots at the corner of the stairs, saving and continuing the ancient impression. The old wooden small tray on the bedside makes people remembered by the elegance of their years when they look back at the inadvertently.


There is a realm in calligraphy and painting, which is called "ink is multicolored, white is black". There is a charm in music, which is called "silence is better than sound here". There is a kind of exquisiteness in poetry, called "all the extreme gorgeous, will return to plainness eventually ".


Empty is a kind of profound art.

Empty is the oriental artistic conception.

Empty is the principles of Chan Buddhism.

Empty is the infinite poetry of mountains and rivers between heaven and earth.


 “It's not that I like minimalism, it's because life is not complicated.” ——Lauren Cheng


Designers use minimalist methods to weaken the space block, surface, tone and material, to keep it simple, to find its ethereal, let people quietly savor the pure inheritance .


The hidden cabinets and TV cabinets, the interpenetrating space block, the gray-white tone, and the clean and peaceful lights create a space for people to have unlimited imagination in the square.


Chuang Tzu said, "The empty room is bright, and happy things will keep appearing."

In this quiet and white space, let life be simple, quietly savor the inheritance of the old things, auspicious well-being will come.