White Charko·Barbecue

Project Name | White Charko·Barbecue

Project Location | GuangZhou, China

Project area | 105m²

White Charko·Barbecue

Create an immersive dining space

Project Overview

he project is located on the first floor of Guangzhou Haizhu Zhihui Science and Technology Park,White Charcoal is determined to combine the concepts of barbecue and cooking, With fresh selection of ingredients, authentic cooking, and special sauces, As much as possible to reflect the umami taste and taste of the ingredients themselves, Open people's new experience of Cantonese barbecue.

Based on the brand concept, In the division of space, the designer put aside the dense and noisy dining environment inside the street shop,choose a semi-enclosed box as the main body, inserted in every corner of the space, to form a relatively non-interfering environment, Create an immersive dining space, Strive to implement and sublimate the brand concept of white charcoal.



Observe the changes in a pure way

The simple and clean facade looks particularly low-key in the bustling commercial street. Grey clean storefront painted with real stone paint, It is in sharp contrast with the inside of the fire-red entrance passage, The transparent box protruding outward serves as part of the display function.

The internal 4 sides of the 3.1-meter-high entrance passage are painted with red enamel paint, The designer installed heat-insulating glass windows on the wall to observe the barbecue process. To promote the curiosity and appetite of visitors, In addition, there is no light at the top of the channel, The circles of light that fade from red to white are particularly eye-catching.

The designer compares the passage to a piece of burning charcoal inside, There is a change from gray to red to white, From the material, scale, lighting, Let every incoming customer go through this introductory ceremony first to open the curtain of a new taste experience.



Braking with static, leisurely and contented

Wooden boxes sprayed with gray enamel paint stand in the space. The restrained lighting makes the space seem quiet and mysterious. The box forms an enclosure, passes through the red channel to sit still on the deck, The central device serves as a transition, The space above the center is occupied by several layers of circular transparent acrylic and a wire rope hoisting device.

A beam of light passes through the device and falls on a stone well that sits still below. The light and shadow formed by the designer through the installation and lighting, On the small self-leveling ground, make a visual extension effect, In order to guide people's emotions to calm down.



Immerse yourself and enjoy the deliciousness

When you are in the box deck, It can be noticed that the designer has set the light to appear only in necessary places, Focus on the human visual range to the local area, Weaken the voices of people coming and going, Create a comfortable space atmosphere, So that people immerse themselves in the fun of gathering with friends and delicacies.