Ma Zhai

Project Name | Ma Zhai

Project Location | GuangZhou, China

Project area | 107m²


I want to ask why the water in the pond is so clear? It is because there is an inexhaustible source that continuously delivers  water for it.——Zhu Xi

Chinese people pay special attention to the word "inherit". Traditional culture needs to be inherited, spiritual strength needs to be inherited, artistic skills need to be inherited, and family learning needs to be inherited.

The designer drastically broke the spatial pattern of the original apartment, merged functional requirements, adjusted the proportion of space, in order to open up a bright and quiet world in the typical old-fashioned teacher's dormitory with small open rooms and poor lighting.


The design of PDD inherits the minimalist aesthetic genes of the Song Dynasty, pursuing the ultimate in simplicity, lightness and elegance in shape, color and texture.

The remodeled living room windows introduce more light into the interior. In the afternoon sunlight, sitting on the bay window, holding a book and reading quietly, enjoying the peace and warmth of time.

Considering the trajectory of children’s activities, the designer subverted the spatial relationship between the TV cabinet and the TV, forming a uniquely shaped TV cabinet.

The handmade wooden dining table and chandeliers are made of cherry solid wood. As time goes by, the color of the wood will gradually darken, witnessing the inheritance of family learning.

The sideboard connects the dining room and the kitchen, allowing the limited space to be visually extended.

The kitchen is semi-open, with an all-white cabinet design and stainless steel walls, through which light reflects to relieve the original dim sense of space.


According to the consideration of the main users of the house in the future, the designer increased the proportion of the master bedroom, merged a part of the balcony into the master bedroom, and extended the wooden floor bed originally in the master bedroom to the balcony, it seemed that there was a scroll sticking out of the window into the room.

You will find that there is a snow-white column above the bed vertically from the ceiling, acting as a placement point for the projector, and spotlights functioning as bedside lamps. The vertical cylinder is like a pen that belongs to this space,on the "scroll", the warmth of home is written through the light.

Strolling to the cloakroom, the cloakroom is semi-open. The main bathroom and cloakroom are hidden in the deepest part. The space is not large, but it is fully functional.

As the proportion of the master bedroom is increased, the proportions of the two small rooms are reduced accordingly. The master bedroom pursues the momentum of "with the sky as the curtain and the ground as the seat", and the two small rooms pursue the "small and smart, exquisite and meticulous" sense of space.

In the corner of the guest bedroom, the liftable table top and the bookshelf integrated with the wardrobe. the right size and the simple but practical small organs provide a flexible and comfortable experience for the small members who will be stationed in the future.

In this multifunctional space that integrates guest bedroom, tea room and study room, the designer connects the white bookshelves and the white ceiling into one, forming a trajectory of clouds and water flowing in the room.

When this room is used as a guest bedroom, it is presented as a supplement to the storage. When this room is used as a tea room, it is presented in the form of a background wall. When this room is used as a study room, it is presented as a storage and display of book collections. The various changes reflect the designer's ingenuity and intentions. Various changes reflect the designer's ingenious ideas and consideration for users.


The new bamboo can surpass the old bamboo, and it is entirely dependent on the growth and nourishment of the old bamboo.——Zheng Xie

This case was entrusted by the two elders, in order for the children to receive their blessings, and to settle down in this flowery world. In the many communications during the design period, the designer deeply realized the deep intentions of the two elders, which all reflected the parents’ concern for the younger generations.

Therefore, "inheritance" is used as the core of the whole design plan. The "scroll", which symbolizes the imprint of family learning, is transformed into various functions and branded in every corner of the space. The PDD team hopes to help them pass on the unique family learning of the educational family through this home.